Mood Boards and Current Projects

What is a Mood Board?

A Mood Board is a collection of photographs which are used by photographers and designers to help define the visual direction of a photo shoot or design.  In photography, such boards are used to align the models, subects, photographers, make-up artists, gaffers, and any assistants to the target concept.

Below are 3 clickable links to past mood boards.  Those pages will show the concept as a mood board and a few of my images demonstrating the realization of those concepts.  These pages will be updated with new images on a periodic basis.  You may also notice, some of the images satisfy multiple mood boards and appear more than once.

The Mood Boards shown below use photographs to illustrate new  concepts.  These were taken randomly from the internet and were captured by various photographers.   These images will not be used in any final products, but will be used as a means to communicate the intent of the associated projects.  

The intention is to expand the mood boards with other topics.