Windows to the Soul

The Windows to the Soul Mood Board shown used photographs to illustrate concepts.  The top mmod board images were taken randomly from the internet and were by various photographers.   These images will not be used in any final products, but will be used only as a means to communicate the intent of the associated project.

The second mood board has been updated with my photographs.  This allows for the comparison of the original concept to the final images.

The images below are examples of the realization of the mood board concept.  These photographs were taken by me to fulfill the intent of the original mood board.  In this case, the shoot concept was to capture the emotions, feeling, or story of a person with an emphasis on the eyes.  To make the photo more dramatice, the shoot would attempt to capture catch light in the eyes.  Images could be close-ups or a full length photograph, as long as the eyes are highlighted in the capture.

Origin of "Eyes are the windows to the soul"

This well-known saying or proverb articulates the concept of looking into a person's eyes in order to discern their true character or intentions.  It is first cited from around the mid 1500's, but the exact origin remains obscurebecause so many sources have articulated something very similar, but not these exact words.  Sources such as Cicero, the Bible, Shakespere, and many others have been cited as the origin.  It would apear all these sources have articulated various forms of the concept, but not in so many words.  The source that comes closest to the actual words is the French poet Guillaume de Saliuste Du Bartas (1544 - 1590) who described the eyes as "these lovely lamps, these windows of the soul."  His poetry, translated insto english was very popular during the 16th century.  It remains highly p[robable, however, he was not the creator of the original concept, which in the form of 'the eyese are the window to the soul' was certainly well known by the mid-1500's.

More images to be added at a later time